316 East 1st St., Maryville, MO 64468
Nestled in the heart of Northwest Missouri,
Archer Auto Sales has been a part of Nodaway County since 1988.

We have sold our location to Shea Motors as of 02/01/2018

We want to thank all of our friends for supporting us the past 30 years. It's been a fun ride!
We purchased and moved to the old Austin Spoor gas station ( built in 1935) in 1994, rennovating the structure and we just completed a
brand new shop building, retaining the flavor of the site, in November of 2004.
We were in our 30th year!!
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Our 30th year!!
Little Known Facts:
1)   1935, the filling station was built by Mr. Austin Spoor in 1935, first as a 'Shell Oil Company' gas station.
2)   Following Shell Oil Company, the station was then a Texaco and finally wore the Skelly logo
2)   1985, The gas station was closed after Mr. Spoor's death
3)   1988, Archer Auto Sales, Inc. established 6 miles north of Maryville on State Highway 148
4)   1994, John & Rosie Archer purchased the filling station at 829 South Main St., from Austin's
son, Wendall and his wife Virginia.
5)   Archer Auto Sales has become the second oldest car dealership in the Maryville city limits.
6)   1997, Archer Auto Sales, Inc. has the oldest car dealer internet website in Maryville.
7)   2002, John and Rosie's son Cale came to work here, detailing customer's cars.
8)   2004, a new shop building was constructed, replacing the old one built in 1936.
9)   John, Rosie and Cale are all Maryville natives, Rosie's dad, Gerald Foster, owned and operated Foster
Saw and Lawnmower Shop for many years.
10) February 1st, 2018, sold our location to Steve Shea.
11) As of January 1, 2020, Archer Auto Sales Inc. discontinues dealers license.